moontree現有手作雜貨作者簡介 Introduction: Zakka Makers

AChiBuu Handmade
AChiBuu is my name, it's also my wonderland. Most of my dolls do not have mouth, because I think the world is too noisy. Everyone wants to talk, but who is going to listen? In AChiBuu Land, everyone is a good listener. I create the characters I like in AChiBuu Land. Every doll is made with love. I hope that I can spread my love to everyone.
Blog: achibuu.blogspot.com

Aquarius Handmade Garden
Aquarius is a common girl with uncommon thoughts and extreme character. She is a little bit arrogant and self-abased. She tries to create everything that can do by hand. She likes patchwork. She likes to do some tricks so that the cloth becomes uncommon. Maybe she does not use expensive cloth, but her tricks give life to the cloth.
Blog: aquarius-work.blogspot.com

C'est La Vie Handmade
只要你细细品味,就会发现生活中处处充满着幸福。星期天早晨窗外的霏霏细雨、在咖啡馆点一杯叫“little dream”的玫瑰蜜糖牛奶、散步到市集去买新鲜草莓。希望C'est La Vie Handmade的作品可以让你把这种幸福的感觉带回家。
Life is full of precious moments, if you do cherish everyone of it. A drizzle in lovely Sunday morning. A cuppa 'little dream' rose honey milk in cafe. A relax stroll down the walkway. Cherish every moment in life, as you cherish every masterpiece from C'est La Vie Handmade.
Blog: facebook.com/CESTLAVIE.ZAKKA

Shenly Yee
D'creativeaholic 是由The- Creative-Workaholic这三个字组成,表示一个热衷于创作的设计或艺术爱好者,不管遇见了什么困难,都不轻易说放弃,带着创意不死的精神继续往前走。Shenly 希望可以将设计透过手作与产品,把快乐的正能量传达并感染身边每一个人。
The Brand D'creativeaholic is derived from 3 words "The Creative Workaholic". The words symbolize a workaholic who has a burning passion for creative design and will never give up his/her dreams no matter what difficulties and obstacles they face. Shenly hopes that through her handmade and product design, she can spread the happy and positive energy to everyone.
Blog: www.dcreativeaholic.com/blog
In Between Cultura
Founded by three girls, in hope to promote diverse imagination and alternative lifestyles. We provide editing and publishing service, sell socio-cultural publications, design and conduct course, and also promote the use of Eco-friendly Cloth Pad.
In 2015, we accidentally met with Eco-friendly Cloth Pad from Taiwan, and realised this could be a medium for us to intervene the society with gender issues. We then actively involved in hand made cloth pad educational workshop.
Blog: www.facebook.com/inbetweencultura

Rei Yap
It is such a happy moment immersing myself in creating art. Art enriches my life and make me happy. The more I paint, the more I love and cherish the beauty of our world. I hope people who view my art will feel the joy as much as I do when I created them. Life is so beautiful!
Blog: www.reiyap.com

Jinghan & 方肯
Love to paint, paint my love.
Living peacefully with my cameras and pens.

K’ling Kalang Handmade
I love drawing, sewing, crafting and day dreaming. I love cats. Hope can fully concentrate on handmade in the future and publish my own illustrated books.
Blog: klingkalang.blogspot.com

Minifanfan Handmade
I am a Fauvism. Hope that I can have a beautiful bob hairstyle one day. I am a Minimalism who enjoys the simple life. Have driving phobia. Do not decide to buy car and house.
Blog: minifanfan.blogspot.com

Mori Li
I grew up in a big city from an early age. I do have a deep longing to live in nature. My handmade items will be created with my mood and inspiration. Clay and fabric are my favorites. It is meaningful to turn a cloth into something different!

Much More
我爱创作,爱一切美丽、可爱、有趣及创意的手作。我总觉得手工制作是回到最初, 因为我深信每一个人的内心深处都藏着那颗“最初”的心,我会延续那颗最初的梦想,让它继续发光发热。
I love everything that is beautiful, cute, funny and creative as well as handmade. I always feel that handmade is back to the beginning, because I am convinced that everyone's heart is hidden in her or his "original" of the handmade crafting. I will continue seeking that initial dream, let it continue to shine and express its uniqueness.
Blog: facebook.com/muchmorepg

There was a book which opened my mind, and made me fall in love with beads. I come to realize that life is not filled with working, eating and sleeping only. Now, crafting is not only my hobby, but can help me earn some pocket money too.
Blog: www.naojs.com

Nini’s Handmade Zakka
I am a mother of two boys. My life is full of housework, childcare, handmade, book and computer. I am a zakka maker who wants to try different kinds of zakka.
Blog: ninihandmade.blogspot.com

I like to draw. I like to take photos. I like to eat and drink. I am here, to share with you, about the Malaysia I like.
Blog: nv-fei-xia.blogspot.com

Sheau Han
My name is Sheau Han. I like to draw and sleep. I believe that my drawings can be inspired from sleeping. My drawings have no facial expressions and rules, like they just woke up, but they tell stories.

Silver Yang
A girl from Taiwan who love traveling, coffee, photography and drawing. Currently she is staying in Malaysia. Like to capture delicious foods and beautiful coffee time with her drawings in her daily life.
Blog: silverdailylife.blogspot.com

U-Ri Handmade Craft Collections
We are Minami, Wendy and Jennifer; three cousins who love arts, fashion, culture, travel and our Mother Earth. 우리 is our creative expression project to highlight the beauty of art on Mother Earth. 
Blog: uri-craft-collections.blogspot.com

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