Burmese Refugee Women in Malaysia 马来西亚的缅甸女难民

月树沙发13  Moontree Sofa 13

Burmese Refugee Women in Malaysia
When we talk about womens situation in Malaysia, do we consider the female immigrants and refugees? Have you made friends with Burmese refugee women around us? How much you know about them? On International Womens Day, Coline Maniez, supervisor of Mang Tha and coordinator of Tanma, will tell you more.

活动时间 Date & Time
201538日(星期日) 8 March, 2015 (Sunday)
7 pm ~ 8:30 pm

主办单位及活动地点 Organizer & Venue
月树 Moontree
No. 6, 1st Floor, Jalan Panggung, 50000 KL

主讲人(英语为主) Speaker
Coline Maniez
Coline Maniez has a master degree in Social Business and she has been working for refugee communities in Kuala Lumpur for two years. Since then, she is supervising a Burmese refugee women center called Mang Tha for education and livelihood access.
Besides, she is coordinating a refugee women groups federation called Tanma, meaning strong in Burmese. Tanma is a federation comprising three refugee women groups: Chin Women Organisation (CWO), Kaoprise and Mang Tha. The three groups stand together to develop their projects and activities through an independent and sustainable cooperative, and the development of community and empowerment projects. Besides its livelihood programs, Tanma Federation firmly promotes and advocates women’s education and empowerment, and women’s social and economical interactions.

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